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Aritco HomeLift

Thinking about how you should be able to stay in your home when you have trouble walking the stairs? Are your days full of activities with kids and shopping bags to carry up and down the stairs? Or are you just looking for more comfort and convenience?

Design Walls

HomeLift's background design feature makes the elevator background a painting in its own right. One of our carefully selected designs can be tested to reflect your taste and fit your home as the most beautiful piece of furniture.

The elevator backdrop is made of acrylic glass and our designs are inspired by the simplicity and classicism of Scandinavian design


Design Light

Lighting is one of the most important factors in changing the style in your interior. Aritco HomeLift lighting was developed by the best lighting engineers in Sweden and will help you create the styles variety  for your home.

The elevator comes with white lights for DesignWall and wall and ceiling corners You can order colored lights for wall and ceiling corners. Why not try green or pink to create a special party light?

The light can be controlled in Aritco HomeLift with our SmartLift app.

جزء من الأثاث.jpg


SmartControl is the most important component in the control panel it is a unique design feature of the Aritco HomeLift Home Lift. The control panel with the intelligent control feature is always illuminated with beautiful LED lights, and it is automatic and user friendly. The elevator is operated by turning and pressing The SmartControl

Design Floor

Design your own floor. You can choose one of our carefully selected designs from the Swedish company Bolon, or install a different floor according to your taste

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