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A Piece of furniture

We know that all homes are unique, just like the people who live in them. Home is a place for you and your family. All colors, furniture and details as per your choice to suit your family and life. The designs, sizes and options of home elevators are ideal for the home environment. Made from 95% recyclable materials, they are eco-certified SundaHus.

A Piece of furniture

The Swedish Quality 

All of our lifts are fully manufactured at the Aritco factories in Stockholm.
Abaad Lifts is the largest partner for Aritco in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Aritco Elevators is the world's first company in the field of designing and manufacturing home elevators, with more than 30,000 elevators installed around the world. And more than a thousand elevators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A Piece of fur

مصعد منزلي
مصعد منزلي
مصعد منزلي

Safe for your Family

The Swedish elevator has a high safety system for the doors, where the door is not opened unless the lift stops by the door. Our elevators follow the Swedish ISO, European EN 81-41 and SASO specifications

A Piece of furniture

Challenges Limited spaces

The Swedish lifts are available in different loads and sizes that help our engineers to challenge narrow spaces.

  To find the perfect fit for you.


مصعد منزلي
مصعد منزلي

Smart technology

The Aritco HomeLift is the world's first home lift connected to the Internet.
It comes with an app called SmartLift that enables you to control its lighting. You can also set your own schedule for lighting, such as making the lights turn on every morning at 7 o'clock. Not only that, the app will notify you if the elevator needs maintenance.

More premium features will be added in the near future

Minimum installation time without drilling or foundation


Smart Swedish elevators are installed directly on the ground without the need for drilling or any type of foundation.
It does not require any concrete or metal foundation, as the lift can be installed with its body designed only for your home.
our lifts has a platform side driving system, so it does not need a machine room.


The Swedish lifts are installed in 3 - 6 days only!

مصاعد منزلية
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We offer different models that can be customized for homes, hotels, and public place
If your need is an indoor or outdoor lift, the Swedish lift is the ideal choice

انواع المصعد السويدي

offers higher loads and cabin size

Designed for tight spaces and small loads

المصعد السويدي للأماكن العامة

Aritco PublicLift Access

The best choice for public places, practical and beautiful with wide options to meet your project needs

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