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We are here to help you with each step in this journey. Starting from the pre-order questions until the full installation of your lift

Get a free estimate design


Step 1
The design estimate is the first and most important step. It includes designing the shape and color of the elevator with the size indication patch to help you visualize the space required for installing the elevator. The lift is actually smaller than you think!

Home Visit


Step 2
One of our sales representatives will visit your home and answer all your questions, including pricing and technical requirements. You will also get a checklist so that you know exactly what work will be done. The Aritco HomeLift is completely economical in space and has minimal impact on your home. Everything is meticulously planned to make installation smooth and easy.



Step 3
The order has been confirmed and the delivery date has been set, which will be within six weeks for the standard elevator, so you can rest assured that your private home lift is produced in Kongsangen, Sweden and then supplied to you.


Step 4
Your Aritco HomeLift is installed in just a few days, and a certified Aritco installer takes over, so you can be confident that the work is done of the highest quality.


After sales service


Step 5
Abaad is keen on maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers. We always make sure of the customer’s satisfaction and comfort by providing maintenance and after-sales services with high standards.

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